If you've been diagnosed with a cognitive impairment, you deserve better resources.

Here are ten things you can do to take back control, reduce dementia symptoms, and plan for the years ahead.

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    Focus on cognitive function

    Your diagnosis is not an ending. It's a place to start. Your specific diagnosis is information that helps you understand not just your cognitive impairment but your cognitive abilities. Now is the time to invest in what works. Science shows us that it takes more than just crosswords and sudoku. These ten actions highlight your strengths so you can reduce symptoms, and focus on what works.

    Boost your fitness levels

    This is no time to sit down, seriously. Success with a cognitive impairment requires more than just brain health. Your physical health is an essential part of your success. It's time to assess what works and manage what doesn't. Yes, it's likely that you're managing normal 'wear and tear' but what you do from here dictates how much your brain has to manage. These tips highlight a range of opportunities.

    Plan for the years ahead

    It's time to plan for what's next and seek out what will work. So often I hear clients say they just wanted to live as normally as possible for as long as possible but then they lament that they could have taken action sooner to work together, communicate better, and prevent crisis. These tips will show you what really makes a difference. So, you can spend your energy getting the rewards you deserve.